Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Underoos for the Undaunted Adult

Remember those adorable Wonder Woman panties you wore until the holes were so large it looked like you had been struck by lightning? No, maybe you were a Hello Kitty kind of girl. Well, as my dear old mom thought they were a sin, I never got a pair. I’m still not over the trauma.

Oh, how jealous I was of Tracy, can’t remember her last name, when she showed me her Underoos in the second grade girl’s bathroom. Those dingy drawers was my introduction to envy, that green eyed monster writhed alive, twisting and turning my guts into mush. Those panties with the gold eagle emblazoned across the chest were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I hated Tracy for them.

But now I discover there’s a cure for people like me, down trodden folks living with the stigma of underroolessness. I’ve heard rumors there are entire clinics hidden in the Alps dedicated to bringing the most stricken back from the brink of suicide. I’ve not located the actual flyers yet as I understand these exclusive spas are open by invitation only. Perhaps, my blog will wrangle me an invitation…

Of course, until then I have to be satisfied with a band-aid fix.

Underoos for the undaunted adult.

They are glorious underpants, I crap you not. Available in a variety of characters, I can now not only flaunt my flabby glutes encased in the blue silk and gold cord of Wonder Woman, I can stand proud and shake my booty in all of the Marvel Comic characters. Turns out I’m rather fond of Spiderman. I haven’t gained any special powers and every time I try to climb the wall in them I fall back down, but GAWD do I feel special! So I guess they do have power after all.

However; these are the underoos my honey prefers I wear. What is your secret indulgence? Who brings out your inner wonder woman?


  1. Cant say I have anything quite like that, but perhaps you could come out of the closet with a morphsuit ?



  2. OMG! Those are uber cool, I could be a blueman girl!

  3. I LOVE THEM! I was sadly neglected as a child, too and never had my own Wonder Woman panties. And I agree, my hubby would probably appreciate them now, too! (And I think he'd look mighty fine in a Superman get-up) :D

  4. LOVE THIS! And FYI, Ali up there . . . she's totally in LOVE with Superman. Her license plate is Lois Lane or some version of it and her hubby's is Clark Kent. She'll be buying several pairs of those panties, I guarantee it. LOL

  5. Okay Agent Bryant I am onto the super secret identity of Lois Lane. I knew that Margot Kidder was an imposter.

    I would pull up my drawers right now and go after all the closet underooers, but sadly I need to lose a couple of pounds to fit into those at the minute.

    Thanks for the follow, finding your blog pronto!

  6. ROTFLMAO! Oh, yes. Now if only they could come up with Aquawoman underpants. I used to have a comic of hers. Oh, le sigh. If I'd kept it, it would be worth tons. I could buy my weight in underoos! Boo!

  7. I must admit to buying my boyfriend a pair of Superman boxers recently. I think he looks fab but he's not impressed.

    As I walk around like this all day, it's nice to know I can find some superhero undies to match ;)

  8. I never heard of these before this. However, my grandson (4) loves his super hero undies and it is important since potty trailing was only completed 6 months ago and there are occasional accidents but never when spider man snuggles his butt. LOL

    I have an announcement for my W post today. If you have time come by.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  9. I knew everyone secretly did their writing in superhero underwear while daydreaming of their superman...or superwoman.

  10. You are too funny!

    Seriously, I'm now jealous of people who wear underoos. In fact, I'm now jealous of people who have always been jealous of people who wear underoos, because I feel I was deprived of . . . something . . . growing up.

    Thanks for the nice things you said about me on Christine's blog. Really, I'm not deserving of such praise. But thanks anyway. :-D