Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W equals WIP

If you're a writer then you know what a WIP means. If you're shopper you're busy 'googling' this exclusive designer, and if you're the parent of small children you are trying to make it into a sandwich.

WIP = Work in Progress. So, what's your sign? Mine, of the two, the one I am working on like mad, in between querying the already growing dust manuscripts, is a YA dystopian. And I love it! But hey, don't we all? Don't we all fall madly in love with our MC (main character, not mayo and cheese)? The weird thing is every one of my works is vastly different, which does make it easier to go wild in his/her world, I fear also dooms me to never finding my niche.

Here's my one-liner (Don't judge, it's a WIP): 16 year-old Ezra Thibodeaux should be assimilating on target, but getting her period proves her biochip is worthless. Raped, pregnant, and marked for destruction, she fights One Globe alone, utterly alone.

Drop me yours!


  1. I think you had a more stylish setup than I did! Nice job! Thanks for stopping by and following, now I'm returning to do the same =)
    happy wip day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, I when lived in Spain used to go to the Sunset Beach Hotel to the gym there, What a small world,. My son works at Bonanaza Square and I used to live not far way from there,

  3. The movie Zanadu was a hit over here in the UK otherwise I wouldn't have remembered it.
    Loved the movie along with other US musicals.

  4. I'd read that!

    Mine is: As an official Fairy Liaison Officer, Becky Bailey thought she was used to high drama - but when the fairies declare a secret war on humanity she faces a level of sacrifice she never expected.

  5. Okay: When Marvin, a vain young lizard, discovers his colony has been invaded by a feral cat he believes his destiny has finally arrived goes in search of dog.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Emily, queen of the bridge group, spread her cards in the dummy spot while frantically recalling details of her neighbor's murder. That's mine. I'm a new follower.

  7. @ Tara, thanks for the return.

    @ World, I never made it to the gym, the bar kept getting in the way, not to mention the San Miguel beer machines.

    @ Ellen, Fairy Liason Office, uber cool, how far along?

    @ Bish, talking lizards, feral cats, and dog! Sounds like my living room.

    @ Manzanita, is Emily a tarot reader or physic? Sounds spooky, love it.

  8. Whoa...that sounds way cool. I don't have one! BUt I thought it was important to write that I LOVED this. It totes made me want to find out more. Sooo...when will you reveal more? :)