Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zealot, Zelatrix, Zoophilic, and Zeqiri

It’s quite apropos that we save the “Z” for last…
it’s filled with the cra’z’ies.

Zealot, probably the most known of the wackos, is a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in their pursuit of religious, political, or other things that make you schizo. It comes from a particularly radical group of devout Jews in the first century that militantly opposed Roman rule of Palestine. I’d say that’s still relevant.

Zelatrix, doesn’t just the name scare the bejesus out of you? It’s an older nun responsible for the discipline of younger nuns…
just, what kind of trouble can those little sisters get into?
Fifty lashes for the bogarted Oreo, you scoundrel.

Zoophilic, lover of all things animal, and I do mean ALL THINGS. Gives you a whole new way to look at the Beast Master.

Zeqiri, definitely the weirdest of them, me.


  1. Nice 'z' post and thanks for the visit and comment on my blog!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Lol I enjoyed this post. :-)

    Thanks for the follow at my blog.

  3. Funny, very, very funny. I'm going to find a way to use all these words today. Wish me luck, haha.

  4. Ooooh, you're right about the Zeqiri... weird ;)

    Funny post. You have great style, I love it!

    Jealous? Me? :O

  5. Oh, MAN, you're right--that Zelatrix is SCARY!!! teehee--great words! I love the zoo, but possibly not that much...

  6. What fun! And thanks for introducing me to the zelatrix and the Zeqiri. (Now, could you please unintroduce me to the zelatrix?)

  7. Great Z words. I've read some strange stories about nuns. Also some good ones. That particular nun is frightening. I'd say one of my sisters is zoophilic - she loves all animals and hates people.

  8. LOL, your post was hilarious! Love the picts. I'm having weird flashbacks seeing that Beastmaster dude or whatever he was in the 80's.

  9. I don't think I've laughed so hard at a post in a long time. Awesome!

  10. Hi,

    You made me laugh too! Congratulations on getting through the Challenge.

    Have a great day,

    Kathy M.

  11. that was a crazy post!
    and I love your background =)
    you look bored, tag! have some fun with a meme I'm passing on, if you have time...see you later!