Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dadnabit, Dog Gone it, and Damnation…or Dystopian

Things I say when I smash my thumb or my darling doesn’t finish the job adequately. But that’s probably TMI.

I have the perfect dystopian novel plotted out, but it’s not coming out on paper the way I see it. (When I say plotted, I refer the jell-o bouncing around in my brain.) My MC is boring; she’s flat, unattractive and scared of her own shadow. So how in tarnation is she going to save mankind?

I’ve tried a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with her, and while she’s down on her knees, she doesn’t seem to be praying, she’s still pathetic. I’m currently considering an ALICE IN WONDERLAND move and in the spirit of the Queen of Hearts, “Off with her head”.

Here’s another issue with the plot, (yes that junk in my head) I have her getting raped by a descendant of the most hated man in America. Is that too much for a YA novel? The rape scene isn’t graphic and the only reference to the origins of the surname is the surname itself.

Does that make any sense?

Okay a few more issues… The opening scene she’s just started her period, sounds gross right? But it’s integral to the story. Oh crap, maybe I’ll just toss the bloody thing and start over.

D is for damnation! I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.


  1. A period (no matter how gross) always symbolizes growth. If it is important enough to mention then you must write it! Don't let the idea of "decency" sway you from writing that scene. I'm trying not to hold back in my own writing. I keep asking myself, "If Walker had allowed her self to become censored by what she THOUGHT people wanted to read, could she have written The Color Purple?". I think not!

  2. ...spanning the Blogger Globe this evening, I've yet to come across Damnation as D's word...until now:)

    Well spoken, and glad I stopped by.


  3. @ Alleged Author, thank you, I wasn't sure but my reading partner is totally with you.

    @ Elliot Grace, :)))

  4. My only question--on that "most hated man in America" bit--is that someone familiar to us now that could, potentially, date your book in fifty years? Or a made-up character in the book? If it's the former, I'd only say you might change that detail to avoid dating the book :) YA can handle knowing about rape in a book IMO. Sounds like a great premise, and I hope your MC shapes up!

  5. Rowenna, the "hated man" is Bin Laden, I thought about the potential for dating the book. But do you think 9-11 will be forgotten? The character is a descendent of his and the book is post apocalyptic. Hmmm?

    Thank you for answering the rape question, and yeah my MC has found a spark of life.

  6. Great question, Wanton--it's hard to know...I can guess 9/11 won't be forgotten, but how many historical "villians" do we remember? I mean, we culturally remember Hitler, but I bet 95% of young adults today wouldn't know who Tojo is--yet he was as villified as Hitler in 1945. So...in short...I don't know :) And totally trust your judgement more than mine :) Glad your MC found her spark!