Sunday, April 10, 2011

"How Horrible!" as said by Benny Hill

One of my all time favorite British phrases!

I am huge ho for British comedy with Benny Hill being my most beloved. It just so happened that I was detained in Heathrow Airport the weekend that he passed away. (When I say detained, well, let’s just say it was a misunderstanding of security forces concerning the passport under which I was traveling.)

Being the easy going person (I so want to say bloke right now) that I am, I proclaimed my sincere remorse at the lost of one so admired the world over. Considering the circumstances in which I found myself, I was already aware the police force in the United Kingdom was severely lacking in humor. Which is undoubtedly why the genius, who was Benny Hill, lampooned them often as the police farce.

Yet I was still taken aback at the vigorous retort I received for my heartfelt condolences.

“How horrible!” I was rebuked with overly forthright self-righteousness by a picture perfect depiction of a Benny Hill characterization.

Instead of upsetting me, why bother, I was about to be sold down the River Thames anyway, I began to chuckle. Which wasn’t well received either, but thank goodness not illegal. His obvious horror at my laughter set me off in a bout of giggles so tremendous it still amazes me I didn’t end up in the tower. Which thinking about it now, I realize would have been a tour indeed.

With the letter ‘h’ being the assignment, I challenge you to recall your most ‘h’umorous accounting of the humpbacked letter.

For me and my own, my multiple personalities that is, we will stay with, “How horrible”, and our fond memories of the greatest comedian to ever live…Benny Hill.


  1. Loved Benny Hill! I love British Humor in general--cracks me up. As far as humorous accounts in my life, there have been far too many to, unfortunately. My life seems to be full of them "not so funny" funny moments.


  2. So first- just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and following. When I clicked on yours and it said "redhead" in the title, I squealed. I love fellow redheads. AND THEN I read this blog entry, and thought "Yeah, I really DO love her!" (I'm easy.) Benny Hill is (was) HILARIOUS!!! And that's an H WORD!!

  3. Hi Lea! I wanted to give you a blog award. Please come by my site to see it! :)

  4. Sorry it took me two weeks to respond, my computer decided to catch a virus the night I posted this and eat itself. SO now new computer and sadly behind on blogging!

    @ Angela Benny Hill was genius and the good news is you can use some of "not so funny" in your writing.

    @ Megan I do be loving the fellow uber recessive redheads as well!

    @ Charmalot, OMGawd! You rock.