Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ecdysiast Everyone?

Are you an ecdysiast? I am.
Well not literally, although there was that one time…but I digress.

An ecdysiast is a striptease artist.

They are tempters, teasers, and sirens.

They can draw you in slowly. Grabbing your attention with just a pretty face and turn your head to follow their every movement. Next a glove, peeled enticingly down her slender arm, sharing just a tad of flesh, wetting your appetite for more. Next a stocking?

Or they can be wild frenzied flesh, gyrating and grinding their bony hips in your face. Tossing you into the action with unrestrained abandon. Captivating you so entirely that you can’t rip your eyes away, you can’t escape, and you become their unexpected slave.

Of course they are only successful if they fit the part. No one, or very select fetish few, is willing to hand over their last dollar to a four pound linebacker looking female sliming up the pole.

So what does getting naked for money have to do with writing? EVERYTHING!

You have to grab your reader, whether you do the slow dance or the action packed gyrate, the result is the same. You’ve got to latch onto them and keep them mesmerized. If you lose your reader’s interest, first page or half-way through, he’s not going to hand over his hard earned bucks again.

So, look at your WIPs and ask yourself? Am I tempted and teased into a slathering drool fool, begging for more?

If not, it’s time for a rewrite.

So, be an Ecdysiast but don’t be an Ecdemomaniac.

(Should make you look it up, but since you were so kind to stop by, I’ll give it to you. A person with an abnormal compulsion to wander.)


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  2. Thanks for the lesson, very informative.

  3. Nice comparison there, I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. Thank you for the explanation...and that's a nice tip there..thanks again...:)

  5. @ Pandora, your blog is the greatest and if anyone sees this that hasn't already jumped on board, they should take your link right now!

    @ Elizabeth and Claire thank you for reading it.

    @ Caterpillar don't think I'm following you yet, heading your way.

  6. I definitely love to tease my readers instead of laying everything out on the table. But I'm definitely only an ecdysiast when writing. LOL!

  7. Ooooh, great post!

    Amusing and informative at the same time.

    Thanks for following. You are my 100th :)

  8. Erm, I'm only writing to help put me through college, honest.

  9. Fabulous mooderino! That's what she said.