Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bacchus, Bacteria, and Baby

A to Z Challenge, I didn’t begin on time and have been running sorely out of step, but couldn't allow the month to end without inserting my “B” into your business.

B seems to be the letter for bacteria and all things bacchanal.

As a biology major and dystopian writer I get the interest in the little evil ones, and as a lover of the grape, I’m honored to be acquainted with Bacchus. We became intimate at around 18 and it's been an enduring relationship, good for both of us, I'm sure.

Incidentally a baculum is the penis bone in some mammals. Now I’m not sure if it gets its name from the giver of the plague or the god of drunkenness, but it is interesting…

But for me, B is for Baby.

This February I had the honor of becoming a Nena, and it’s glorious. Above is a pic of my wee faery and now I'll bumble on to the “Z”.

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