Thursday, June 30, 2011

Desperately Seeking Susan

Or someone like her. I'm even open to a Steven. Now that I'm back to blogging and writing judiciously again, it occurred to me I need a third or fourth critique partner.

My writing buddy and I have grown accustomed to each others style and we are a good fit. But maybe we've become so comfortable with each others writing that we are missing the nuances. SO, we are looking for someone to fill that void.

Rules: There's always rules, aren't there?

Drop down to the comments section and express your interest and let me know you're submitting a sample. We, me, and the amazing Gina White at TiredbutWriting/, are asking for the first three chapters of your WIP or whatever you want feedback on. If your style seems like something that would mesh well with us, we will send you the same.

Please note the amount of time you are able to allot for this, and the amount of feedback you want. If you only want someone to read your work, but not offer suggestions, say so. We want it to be fair for everyone.

We both write YA, so we do hope to get a fellow YA'er, but are open to other paranormal or urban fantasy writers. I am currently working on a Dystopian and she is writing the most smashing Zombie story ever.

If you are interested the email address for the sample is

Hope to hear from ya!

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