Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Will Dominate the World? WalMart or Moslems?

I have to preface this blog with a note for my stalkers. If you follow me on twitter or ask to 'friend me' on facebook and your only goal is to spout your muslim rhetoric at me, please note I will delete you and/or not accept your friend request.

That being said, I'd like to thank the guy or girl who's comments I've deleted, so hard to tell from an anonymous coward, for inspiring today's short blog. I will not allow any comments to stay that propagate your agenda of world muslim domination. This is my blog, if you want to babble ignorant garbage, go get your own.

I'm participating in NaNo this month, so I don't expect to have time to write a new pithy scathing review of mine and my husband's love life again this month.

Whenever; my sweetie and I get a little tipsy we like to play a little game, yes that one too, but the one to which I refer now, we call, "Who Shall Rule the World?" If you follow the news at all, you might notice a common thread among muslim dialogue. World domination! It is absolutely their goal to convert each and every heathen alive. Whether they use force, their most popular plan, or they use soft spoken untruths, the goal is the same. Bring Islam into your household even if it means shoving it down your throat. In being fair, there are an overwhelming number of christian fundamentalist that would gladly do the same. Haven't heard of any jihading Buddist though....hmmm.

So who is strong enough to stop them? Have you tried to fight a suicide bomber? You can't win, they come prepared to go out with a bang. We've considered the vatican, but those long dresses are cumbersome to walk in, much less run. Take my word on it, I was forced to take junior high PE wearing one, makes dodge ball living hell.

We've considered all the TV evangelists we can think of, but that always ends the same. They're not committed enough to the goal. Don't judge, it'd be hard for me to give up my Rolex for a ton of dynamite too. So who? Who will step up and take the challenge?

The Chinese? Possibly, they do consider the muslim infiltration as a bothersome gnat to their own plans of taking over the world. I prefer their invasion, everyone needs thousands of worthless plastic items and electronics that only work for a day.

But that always brings us to WALMART, yes they will be the victors. There fiendish need to hunker down, run every small business owner under, and sell us more junk than we have cabinet space for, will be our salvation. You ponder ominipotently, why wouldn't they just join the terrorist plot. Take up selling head scarves or what not? They do. But are they willing to give up selling beer, wine, cheap non-hallal ground beef,or savory pig's feet, short shorts, and bikini's? There's a ton of profit in a bikini, $40 for 1/3 yard of cloth.

Feel free to leave your comments or who may save us.

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