Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Sur Here I Come!

Big Daddy has agreed to my attending the Big Sur Writer’s Workshop! Yay me!

Of course, he’s insisting on tagging along.

Now we are squabbling on how to pay for it and which package to buy. But thanks to the infinite wisdom of a fellow blogger, I’ve come up with a solution. There may or not be a midnight organ snatch on a certain father-in-law who may or may not be living in foreign lands. Well, financing is in order.

So now my new puzzle…

Which manuscript do I use for the workshop?

My very first novel is a fictional piece set in both and Kosovo and needs massive overhaul. And that’s after 4 full edits. It started at 174K so I’ll let you figure out the ridiculous shape of it. ALKONOST-A TATTOO AWAKENS

My second is a tongue-in-cheek YA with major voice issues. McDRACULA

My third is my NaNoWriMo YA love story from this past November that I’m currently editing and it’s getting kind of cute. BLAZE

But my favorite, which I think is the best I’ve written to date is a YA dystopian that I’m letting simmer. UNCLASSIFIED

Should I start editing the fourth, the dystopian, so that I have something that I love to work on or use the NaNo YA love story which is in a better position editorial wise?

I don’t want to get laughed out of my chair, but I think the dystopian has the most potential overall…

What would you do?


  1. I tried to give credit to the fellow blogger but for some reason my links don't work. :(

  2. Thanks for following my blog and for the sweet comment. Personally speaking I would take both: Blaze and Unclassified. Just so you have options and you never know, which one you may choose at the last minute. =) I've never been to a Writer's workshop, so I hope you blog about everything.

  3. I'd say use the one you love most. You want to enjoy the process and not lose steam, and working with what you love will keep you going. And you will have the necessary passion to sell it to those who will help you most.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I hope you enjoy the Writer's Workshop you're going too...what a fantastic experience!! P.s.... I LOVE your little blurb in the "about me" section! :)

  5. @ Stephanie, great idea. I have to mail in a manuscript ASAP, should I send both? I don't want to tick off the readers.

    @ Nancy, I really love UNCLASSIFIED...

    @ Chasing, I'm uber excited, even if the old ball and chain is tagging along.

  6. Too bad because I love the sound of the voice-y MCDRACULA. Though dystopian is the hot genre right now.

  7. i need to convince my other half to do one as a getaway. yay for you!

  8. I can't wait to hear which you decided on and how the conference went!