Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scrub Street Signs in Spanish!

As a holder of CDL Class A(Yep, I just checked, it's a Class A)I distinctly remember being required to read to and write English. And since Obama and his posse haven't been able to open the floodgates for the thousands of Mexican drivers to start rolling over fourwheelers here yet, I'd sincerely like to know why there is a sign inside New Mexico on I-10 just over the Texas line that reads, "Bascula de Camiones"?

Now, I might have mispelled that as I really didn't stop to peruse it properly, didn't want to get mistaken for one of those people actually needing to read it. I don't think I got my passport on me at the moment and spending the night in jail, for failure to prove I'm an American citizen(even a New Mexico one) isn't high on my agenda.

But with all that being said, why do you suppose that sign is necessary? I mean if you're an illegal alien cruising along I-10 in a pick-up that sign doesn't actually apply to you, but perhaps it does. Maybe that's the genius of it all. Possibly New Mexico has done some highly unscientific research and realized that an overwhelming number of illegals purchase a pickup (and that's a truck) for their first automobile. By sticking up that sign as they flee from Texas into the great state of New Mexico they slide right on in the scales behind me. The guard can then ask them a couple of questions, determine they don't have a clue what he's talking about, ask to see his papers, and voila!

The state nabs them at the border, albeit not the border they initially crossed, and saves the state unnecessary expenditures in the way of immigration enforcement.

So maybe all the whiners making a fuss over the Arizona Immigration law should really be turning their blowhards to New Mexico. Hmmmm. Genius, sheer genius.

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